Traditional Human Resources

Value added Policies and Procedures

Where is Hank? Late — again. What about Sue? She’s on her cell phone. Yikes!

Your business has grown from a handful of employees to many. Small things start to disrupt the workplace — attitudes change. How do you manage the changes so that your people resources don’t get unduly distracted? It may be time to bring in some structure in the form of rules and guidelines and valued job descriptions.

Workplace Health Outcomes HR can help. We have hands on experience in helping companies manage their HR growth to turn off the people problems and turn on the people.

How can Workplace Health Outcomes HR help?

Specifically Workplace Health Outcomes HR can provide benefit to your company in the form of an organizational health assessment

  • Facilitating necessary organizational change and process improvement by listening and asking questions, obtaining buy in, holding people accountable, role playing exercises, valued policies and coaching.
  • Developing a structure that facilitates a respectful workplace.
  • Creating an orientation program for new staff. (One of the main reasons people leave is related to the way they are treated in the first two weeks.)
  • Resolving gaps in skills, knowledge or emotional intelligence.
  • Providing targeted workshops.

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