Virtual HR

Virtual HR

It’s senior level Human Resources experience with deep cross industry experience.

Could your company benefit from:

Hiring the best employees?

Building a work environment that supports your employees functioning as a high performance team?

Leading value added change in a way that accentuates continuous improvement?

That’s what you get — dedicated time with an industry recognized HR professional — not just consulting time but hands on “getting the work done” too.

Who is the Virtual HR for?

Virtual Human Resources is for small to medium industrial companies — who would benefit from having an experienced guide to help with people and team building issues but have junior or no HR staff. Workplace Health Outcomes HR excels at leading positive change.

Availability? The choice is yours.

  • If you are worried about being overly dependent on a “consultant” — well don’t. Part of Workplace Health Outcomes HR’s philosophy is to transfer knowledge and help companies to become more productive and self-sufficient.
  • If you want to retain Workplace Health Outcome HR services, we are happy to build long term relationships.

Why is a Virtual HR needed?

The Virtual Human Resources helps a company manage its human resources more efficiently by leveraging the experience of a successful senior HR professional skilled at eliminating bottlenecks, providing skills training and time management skills on an "as required" basis.

Why Workplace Health Outcomes HR?

  • Experience in implementing tools in different business sectors - means we’re great at adapting theory and tools to work in your environment!
  • Experience in knowing where to adapt and where to hold firm - means we focus on the results you’re seeking.