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Unscheduled Absences Reduced - Company A

"Attendance was a major issue with our company. Workplace Health Outcomes HR has provided a number of tools to ensure we manage our attendance. From providing policy to coaching for positive outcomes to our team leaders. Our absent time loss declined in 3 years from 200 hours or 5.3 weeks per employee (year 1) to 87 hours (2.3 weeks) per employee (year 2) to 30 hours (.8 weeks) per employee (year 3). This has resulted in a 85% reduction overall in time loss."



Company B Reduces Hiring Costs by Lowering Turnover Rate

"Our company was experiencing a turnover rate of 19% and we needed to slow it down. We contracted Tim to provide advice on a retention strategy. He provided recommendations through targeted focus groups with employees and we have improved our retention to less than 10% turnover. This has lowered our hiring costs and allowed us to retain our greatest investment — Our people!"

Finding the Right Applicant - Company C

"Our company did not seem to be getting the necessary applicant pool (the generally accepted guideline is 9-10 qualified applicants for every job posting) to find the right employee fit for our organization. Tim provided various solutions that ranged from employee referral to focusing on processes such as Value Advertisement and partnerships that allowed us to move to 9 to 1 applicant ratio. It was at a 3 to 1 applicant ratio when we began this journey."

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