Training / Workshops

Training /Workshops

Sometimes workplace change is facilitated with workshops and/or training. Here are a few examples of workshops that Workplace Health Outcomes HR offers. All workshops can be customized to fit specific requirements. Give us a call @ 506-333-6871

Emotional Intelligence (1/2 day)

Psychology Today ( defines Emotional Intelligence as the ability to identify and manage your own emotions. Generally said to include 3 skills:

  1. Emotional awareness —To identify your own emotions and those of others.
  2. The ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving.
  3. The ability to manage emotions — both our own and others — eg. cheer up or calm down another person.

This interactive session will cover the various ideas that determine your overall emotional intelligence. Areas covered include building self regard (confidence), managing stress and determining an individual’s level of optimism. Session includes an EQi development report (Identify). Discover how each participant manages their emotions based on various demands and pressures places upon them (Harness/Apply, Manage).

Note: Follow-up coaching plans are available on the 15 different subscales that are identified during the workshop.

Hire the Best (Avoid the Rest)(1/2 day)

The most important decision that companies make is who they hire. Learn methods to select the right fit for your organization.

Figure out where to put the effort in your recruitment process to ensure you get the desired results.

Use this workshop to develop the right competencies to support the culture of the organization. Match the competencies with the best methods. Recruit to find the matching candidate. Become a trained interviewee during this session!

High Performance Work Teams (1/2 day)

Across industries high performance teams share many of the same elements. Discover what it takes to build a high performing work team!

Learn what you can do to move your teams towards the high performance ideal. We cover things like role clarity, respect, fairness, consistency and living by the organization values.

Learn new ideas to remove the negative and promote the positive. Take home solid ideas that will transform your teams!

Conflict Resolution (1/2 day)

How do you deal with conflict? How does your co-worker deal with conflict? Does it get buried? Prolonged? Does it get resolved? This workshop explores where conflict originates and examines different styles of how we deal with it.

Discover how to deal with differences effectively. Learn skills to help you resolve difficult situations such as employee performance or negative employee behaviour. Banish myths about conflict!